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Selling on the Internet
Conquer the World in 10 Easy Steps

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If someone told you ten years ago that one day you’d be able to start to start a one-man shop at home and sell to millions of people all over the world, what would you think?

This is the reality today. There are millions of businesspeople making excellent living out of selling their product or service on the Net, reaching millions of customers without leaving home. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true – there are millions of businesspeople losing money while trying to sell on the Net.

What is the difference between those two? This book aims at providing a simple answer to this fascinating question. It does that by looking at what the successful guys actually do (and how they do it), and then breaking it into a sequence of ten simple steps, easy enough for anyone to follow.

These are the ten steps to conquering the online world:

STEP 1 - Setting objectives
STEP 2 - Designing a website
STEP 3 - Creating the content
STEP 4 - Domain name registration
STEP 5 - Publishing and hosting
STEP 6 - Search engine optimisation
STEP 7 - Advertising on the Net
STEP 8 - Shopping carts and payment gateways
STEP 9 - Converting visitors to buyers
STEP 10- Converting buyers into customers

The following chapters will address each of them in turn.


For any activity to be undertaken in business, it must result in either 1) sales growth, or 2) cost reduction. If the activity doesn’t deliver one of those, it will not be done.

The same applies to internet business. Most businesses start with their first website to reduce marketing costs: when a customer calls with an enquiry, instead of sending out a catalogue or arranging a meeting to present their product, they can simply point out to the information on their website.

In this scenario the website is not designed to bring in more business, in the form of generating prospects and leads for the business; its role is simply to provide credibility and a very cheap way to distribute information about the products and services offered. At the same time the business continues to rely on traditional forms of lead generation, such as advertising.

While this approach does usually deliver significant cost savings, it will not make you rich. The way to make millions on the Net is to use it for what it was meant to be used – to generate new business. This is what I mean by conquering the online world.

Every day hundreds of millions of people log on the Net in search of goods and services. Whatever your business is offering, there will be thousands of qualified prospects looking for it 24 hours every day. There will also be thousands of businesses just like yours trying to sell to them. How do you stay ahead?

Well, the first step is to know what you want, to set your objectives. If all you want is reduction in marketing costs, you’ll be able to skip the steps 6 to 10. The good news is, by picking up this book you are already a mile ahead of your competitors. Chances are, they don’t even know their internet objectives, not to mention a strategy to achieve them. In the internet age the source of wealth is no longer land and capital; it is information. By reading this book you are acquiring this source right now – congratulations!

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